Content review

Setting content owners and review dates



Setting Content Owners is only possible if you have the "Content Review" module installed.  Content Review is a module that is not part of the default SilverStripe 2.4 installation, but it is supported.


To set a content owner for a page, and give a review date for that page which will generate an alert in the report section of the CMS when that report is due, click on the page you wish to set a report for in the Page Tree of the Contents pane.

Click on the "Review" tab in the editing pane. Choose the page owner from the drop-down "Page owner" menu. You can then set the review date using the built in calendar, and if you want to have repeated reviews, you can change the frequency of reviews by the drop-down box. This will alert the content owner via a report in the CMS (viewable in the "Reports" section on the navigation bar) and via e-mail.